6 Must See Caribbean Destinations

| January 21, 2013
Don Miller. Credit Card Comparison Expert

Don Miller. Credit Card Comparison Expert

Whether planning a much-needed vacation, romantic honeymoon, or even business trip, the Caribbean offers something for everyone. Although not all of the 28 plus island nations and thousands of individual islands are inhabitable, many are and of those, an individual can choose a tranquil getaway or action-packed adventure.

In this article, we want to focus on six must see Caribbean destinations although there are literally thousands of possibilities.

Why Travel the Caribbean

For starters, the Caribbean is a region comprised of over 7,000 islands, islets, cays, reefs, and the Caribbean Sea and surrounding coastline. The size of the area is so vast that it covers more than one million square miles, 92,000 plus square miles consisting of land. Every year, millions of people visit the islands to enjoy the diversity.

Three examples of this include the following:

• Ethnicities – The almost 40 million people who live on the islands belong to one of several ethnic groups to include Indo-Caribbean, Afro-Caribbean, Chinese Caribbean, Amerindians, and European.

• Climate – Because the Caribbean is tropical, visitors can expect beautiful sunshine and warm breezes throughout the year although there is both a wet and dry season.

• Topography – While some of the islands are green and lush, others boast rugged mountain ranges. There are also distinctions in the water and beaches of the Caribbean.

All six must see Caribbean destinations offer diversity, accessibility, great climate, and opportunity for experiences no matter the reason for travel.

Negril – Jamaica

Among the many beautiful places in Jamaica to visit, Negril ranks at the top of the list. While the island is dotted with luxury hotels,

Negril Cliffs. Photo courtesy picstopin.com

Negril Cliffs. Photo courtesy picstopin.com

charming inns, and authentic restaurants, the “Seven Mile Beach” is the primary attraction. This stretch of gold-colored sandy beach is so magnificent that it has received multiple coveted awards from travel publications. In fact, the Seven Mile Beach was voted as the best beach in the entire world.

Of course visitors can swim, snorkel, and sunbathe but there is much more to experience on and around the water with examples provided below.

• Half Moon Beach – A tranquil and simply breathtaking spot on the Seven Mile Beach

• Negril Cliffs – Beautiful backdrop and professional cliff divers

• Negril Lighthouse – Constructed in the late 19th century, the trek up to the lighthouse offers some of the most mesmerizing views in all of Jamaica

San Juan – Puerto Rico

Photo courtesy simple.wikipedia.org

Photo courtesy simple.wikipedia.org

This is another one of the six must see Caribbean destinations. The architectural masterpieces seen throughout San Juan are simply stunning. People come from all over the world to see everything from Spanish Colonial to 20th Century Art Deco all in one city. However, San Juan also offers a unique blend of old and new, as seen with the following attractions and events.

• El Morro – This impressive fortress was built in the 17th and 18th centuries to defend the coastline. Stretching upward 140 feet it offers a view of history, as well as scenery of the present.

• El Viejo San Juan – The translation is “Old San Juan”, which consists of 400 beautifully restored historic neighborhoods and sites dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

• Palomino Island – This private island is reachable only by ferry and offers the perfect getaway.

Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

Without doubt, Punta Cana needed to be added to the list of six must see Caribbean destinations. In addition to boasting 25 miles of

Photo courtesy latinexplosiondance.com

Photo courtesy latinexplosiondance.com

pristine white sand, crystal clear water, and coconut trees that sway gently in the breeze, this region of the Caribbean has a reputation for its magnificent resorts.

As with the other destinations, visitors to Punta Cana are provided with wonderful opportunities, some of them to include the following.

• Macao Beach – Relaxing, quiet, and gorgeous are the best words to describe this beach in the Dominican Republic

• Punta Espada Golf Course – Parallel to the sea, this golf course has been ranked among the finest in the world, making it ideal for business retreats

• Zip Lining – No trip to Punta Cana would be complete without trying a zip line experience over the forest canopy

Bridgetown – Barbados

Nidhe israel Synagogue. Photo courtesy totallybarbados.com

Nidhe israel Synagogue. Photo courtesy totallybarbados.com

Barbados has long been a favorite destination for a variety of reasons. The combination of fishing, scuba diving, yachting, nightlife, dining, and shopping are some of the reasons that Bridgetown should be a person’s top consideration for travel. The list of sites and adventures is quite lengthy although some of the specific things people find most enjoyable include the following.

• Bottom Bay – This sandy beach is spectacular. Lining the white sandy beach are towering palm trees and lush vegetation, making this a perfect escape.

• Nidhe Israel Synagogue – As the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, visitors can experience the peace and spirituality of a magnificent historic site

• South Coast Boardwalk – With blue water just feet away, this boardwalk provides the perfect place to take a morning jog or romantic sunset stroll


Oranjestad – Aruba

Charming beyond words, Oranjestad is another great Caribbean destination. Throughout the city are brightly painted buildings of

Alhambra Casino. Photo courtesy bb.visitaruba.com

Alhambra Casino. Photo courtesy bb.visitaruba.com

Dutch colonial architecture, wonderful shopping venues, quaint restaurants, art galleries, and golf courses. Other popular tourist sites are listed below.

• Alhambra Casino – For people who love the nightlife, this casino offers plenty of action.

• Cas di Cultura – Aruba’s cultural center is an interesting place to visit where people can see various forms of indigenous entertainment

• Museo Arubano – As one of the oldest buildings in Aruba, this historic museum resides within the 18th century For Zoutman. While there, people can enjoy other sites and events associated with the Fort to include the Willem III Tower and the Bon Bini Festival.


Nassau – New Providence Island

Marine Habitat at Atlantis. Photo courtesy twocentreholidays.co.uk

Marine Habitat at Atlantis. Photo courtesy twocentreholidays.co.uk

In addition to the stunning beach and coral reefs, Nassau is home to three championship golf courses, international art museums, moonlit dinner cruises, gambling, and traditional music and dance. Because of the rich history and diverse culture, we wanted to add Nassau to the list of the six must see Caribbean destinations.

This region attracts different types of people to include those looking for a relaxing getaway to people who want an adventurous experience. Following are some of the ways both demands are met.

• Marine Habitat at Atlantis, Paradise Island – As the largest marine park in the world where more than 50,000 sea animals live, everyone needs to take time out to visit this marine habitat.

• Predator Lagoon, Paradise Island – For people who want to see some of the most dangerous predators in the Caribbean to include the Black-Nosed Shark, this is the place to go.

To help preserve predators that are in danger of becoming extinct, this aquarium has an incredible breeding and preservation program.

• Blue Lagoon Island and Dolphin Cay Atlantis – Both of these destinations offer visitors an unforgettable dolphin encounter.

Don Miller is the VP of Marketing  and Consumer Advocacy at CreditCardForum.com, a leading card comparison site and a big fan of earning travel rewards using credit cards like this.

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