A Bahamian Tale?

| April 7, 2018

Ernestia Frazer’s memoir “Carnival of Love-A Tale of a Bahamian Family” has been selected as a prescribed text for The Bahamas General Certificate for Secondary Schools Literature Syllabus.

Carnival of Love-A Tale of a Bahamian Family explores the meaning of love and family in a broken home. Set in the Bahamas, the story is told through the eyes of Maria Helix, one of nine children growing up in a stable and caring environment. With the sudden and unexpected dissolution of her parents’ marriage, Maria is forced to let go of her idealized past and confront new realities of loss, displacement and economic instability.

Through honesty, humor, and hard-won wisdom, Maria reveals a complex picture of familial bonds sometimes marked by conflict. Moreover, her tale identifies and proves love to be the most compelling force needed to piece together what is left of a “perfect” family.

Ernestia Fraser lives in the Bahamas, teaching courses in literature and creative writing.

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