Abs Minute

| December 16, 2018

Women’s Health magazine challenged its readers to an abs exercise: the Slide-through. Courtesy of Furthermore, has described sliders as the “most underrated pieces of fitness equipment”. In the slide-through, they’re used to build strength in your triceps and abs, all while testing your balance and stability.

The Slide-through: Sit with your legs extended on the floor in front of you, each heel on a disc, palms on the floor beside hips. Lift hips. Slide your feet forward as you raise hips until you’re in a reverse plank, with your body aligned from shoulders to heels. Reverse the motion, sliding feet back until you’re in a pike position. Repeat for one minute.

Visit furthermore.equinox.com for more exercises. (Apple News)



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Delia Dolor is an all-round media professional. She produces and presents television, radio and live shows. She is also a public speaker, magazine and print editor.
Delia has been credited with creating a more intimate confessional form of media communication and to have influenced the way talk shows in the Caribbean can influence the lives of others.

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