Anil Waithe Has Been Totally Blind Since Birth But His Accomplishments-AMAZING

| November 30, 2016


However, Waithe who is currently a post-graduate student at the University of the West Indies, is facing another hurdle, one that many blind people across the Caribbean face each day. The lack of adequate financial resources mean that facilities for blind people like Waithe is simply not available.

Waithe is asking the public for help in purchasing a premier 100 Braille embosser. He needs this machine to help improve the use of Braille in the Caribbean.

In an interview with the Trinidad Express newspaper, Waithe said,

“Braille is my language. And I want to help others who are blind to improve their abilities in this world. It seems as if we have been forgotten by a system that caters for the sighted ”

Here is a Waithe in a recent video interview with Trinidadian TV station.

There is also a GoFundme page for Anil Waithe, you can check it at

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