Are Queen Ifrica and Tarrus Riley actually dating?

| April 5, 2015

Caribbean gossip. On March 19, Queen Ifrica posted a picture on Facebook. The picture caused quite a spasm throughout social media as it included another infamous Reggae star; his arms wrapped tightly around her. The “culprit” whose known worldwide for his hit song “She’s Royal” is Omar Riley popularly known as Tarrus Riley. Fans crowded Ifrica’s post with disbelief, pleasure or neutrality.

Is Tarrus Riley and Queen Ifrica really dating or was this a publicity stunt? – one commenter said. After 7 pm that day, the post had 20,158 Likes · 1,497 Comments · 1,114 Shares …. It was captioned:

yes tarrus riley and i are togather something aguh roun. loves contagious! !!!” 

Queen Ifrica and Tarrus Riley. Photo courtesy

Queen Ifrica and Tarrus Riley. Photo courtesy

However, on March 21st, Queen Ifrica out the flame with this post:

“ok guys attention please! take a good look at this pic u see mrs Jackson Miller, u see tarrus and u see me right?! ok lets not take a joke too far ok that was just our episode of punked lol . so lighten up guys” 

So if you thought they were together, the joke is on you. Queen Ifrica is reported to still be with Tony Rebel and Tarrus is married.

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