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| May 27, 2012

Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

I already spoke about the Yendi and Chino pregnancy story but I just cannot help but talk about it again.  What I am ranting about this time however is how hypocritical and ancient some people are being about the whole thing and making it such a big issue.

First of all I want to go off on all those hypocrites who are bashing Yendi about her being pregnant and not married.  I just cannot believe that in a society such as Jamaica when a lot of us are born outside of wedlock, a society where a lot of our parents still are not married after having children together but still live together.

The second thing I want to say to these persons who are saying this is; what century are you living in?  This is the 21st century people; this means that a lot of us are having premarital sex and that is perfectly normal in this day and age.  Therefore if people are having sex that means babies will be born.  Get over it!

The other comment is that she is a role model for the children and should act accordingly.  To these people I say firstly, she did nothing wrong and secondly stop looking to celebrities to be role models for your kids and try to play the role you would want your children to model.  Secondly, just because somebody may be a role model to you it does not mean that the person is living to please you.

Chino. Photo courtesy

The lowest comment I have heard though is that Yendi has no ambition because of the person she is pregnant for.  To the people I say; how dare you?  The last time I checked, she is her own person and is free to be with whomever she pleases.

Seriously people, she is obviously happy with her decision, why can’t we be happy for her?  Stop hate man and celebrate.

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