Bad Boys: A girl’s secret desire?

| November 8, 2011

Staff writer - Nyasha Watson

When you hear a female listing the traits of her perfect partner; some adjectives you won’t hear are arrogant, rude and mysterious. However, these are the exact traits that some girls unconsciously look for in a man. Let us be honest with ourselves.

The guy that is full of himself definitely draws our attention especially if he rides a motorcycle. There is definitely something rebellious about the motorcycle that sparks our interest in the men that ride them.

Confession time:  How many of us wished that Johnny Depp’s character in Cry Baby was in fact our boyfriend. Without doing a survey I am pretty sure that the overwhelming majority would say ‘yes’. Ok let us forget for a second that Johnny Depp was and still is one of the sexiest men in Hollywood. But let us just focus on the character that he played in the movie. Well, he was a rebellious young man, who was conceited and of course rode a motorcycle.  And yes the ‘good girl’ fell in love with him.

Thus why is it that some girls are afraid to admit that they are attracted to bad boys?  Or even more importantly why is it that we are attracted to bad boys?  I am not a Psychologist so I won’t pretend to know the answers.

The Wire's Bad Boy Dangelo

However what I will say is that males are thought to be the more dominant partner in a relationship.

Therefore, they must be viewed as being strong, domineering and basically a no nonsense person. Thus the female will feel safe and secure being with that type of person. That is in the case of an emergency; she knows that her boyfriend will protect her.

On the other hand, some of us like the challenge of ‘taming’ a bad boy.  Yes, we like to feel that we are capable of changing a rough and untrained man into a trained ‘gentleman’. Or more precisely molding a man into our dream man; basically teaching them the characteristics that we are looking for in our dream man.

But is it wise to want to change a man? What if the man does not want to be changed or cannot be changed? Then you will have to accept the man just as he is, without complaining about his behaviour, because that is how you met him.

Well, whatever the reason, girls are definitely going for bad boys. The question is do they make good long term partners or are they more suitable for short term gratification…

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