Bad Hair 2017?

| December 30, 2017

What was your 2017 moment? One of mine was my hair! MY NATURAL, REAL hair. I could not believe hair stylists constantly allowed me to stitch weave to my hair for so long.

A few months ago while I was preparing for a re-weave, I scratched my scalp and for some reason, I tugged on it harder than usual and it hurt. So I rubbed the area and realized that the long strands of hair I was touching were my own!

I’m not saying I won’t weave again but getting used to wearing my own has given me unbelievable moments…Simple things like feeling the air on my scalp, when I un-plait my hair and it knots, I’ve had to stop myself a few times not to tug and break the bottom of the hair as a quick fix to untangle…It didn’t matter if a few inches came off and into my hands when the hair wasn’t real.

But if Kerry Washington, Taraji P Hension, Alicia Keyes can embrace and celebrate their natural kinks, well, so can I! Only thing though, I haven’t been able to master taking good pictures wearing it. Any suggestions?


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