Bajans should stop the jealousy and use their brains

| January 4, 2014

In Community news. This is a comment left by Ras Kardi in response to article, ‘Do Bajans really hate Jamaicans?’ Original at bottom of this letter.

I am a Jamaican living in the US and I landed a job with Northfolk bank in 2005. I was told I will get into a lot of problem in the West Indian community in Brooklyn.

Tthe first time I work in Brooklyn, the branch I was working have only 2 black people one Barbadian (Bajan) and one Jamaican. The Barbadian work for the bank 14 years.  After 14 years she was still a teller, the Jamaican was there 3 years.

The Jamaican go back to school and got promoted to a higher position, the Barbadian woman get jealous and walk around the work place drumming up hate on the Jamaican. All because of jealousy the hate for Jamaicans by Barbadians is simy jealousy.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Barbadian people brag and boast about their high education but everywhere in the world they see Jamaicans they starting getting jealous. London England is the same thing; Canada the same.

The first black man in Canada who was elected to Congress was a Jamaican, Anthony Curling in the 80s. Barbadians come out swinging, ‘Why a Jamaican why not us Barbadian?’

The 2 black billionaires in Canada are Jamaicans.  Barbadians how about getting your act together and stop hating and use your brains. Ras Kardi

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