Battle Of The Sexes (B.O.T.S.)

| July 23, 2011

Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

In recent years, the women in the dancehall have been complaining about not getting enough attention from the men in the dance, including the videographer (video man) and the disc jockey (selector).

The women complain that the men are taking over the ‘video light’ and the dance floor and that some of the selectors are facilitating this take over, as they mostly play songs that predominantly appeal to the men. ‘Di selector dem jus a play di badman song dem, di song dem weh a bun out certain man an badmind song an’ naa play di song dem fi mek d woman dem dash out and enjoy dem self’.
It has long been my opinion that any party can ‘sell off’ without the playing of any gun songs or songs with dance instructions etc. Any party can ‘sell off’ if the selector only caters to ladies who jus want to gyrate (wine up dem body).
In the early and mid 90s, when, in my opinion, dancehall was in its prime, the women ruled the dancehall space. The women dressed their best and controlled the dance floor and the ‘video light’. Back in those days, artists such as, Mad Cobra, Spragga Benz, Beenie Man and Shaba Ranks were some of the most dominant artists, singing songs that appeal predominantly to females.
This battle for the dance floor and the ‘video light’ started with the new millennium with Elephant man being main facilitator, giving dance instructions in his songs. Then came the formation of endless numbers of all-male dance groups, who would dominate the dance floor with their choreographed dance moves and hogged the ‘video light’, sending the females to either hold their corners or join, in order to get some light shone on them.
Though this practice is a bit diluted today with the songs such as, Dutty Wine by Tony Matterhorn, Hot Wuk by Mr. Vegas and almost every ‘female friendly’ song by Vybz Kartel, it is still very present. This has led to female artists such as Macka Diamond to rebel with her song “Too Much Bull” where she, along with some female dancers bashed the men about not giving them a chance on the dance floor.

Macka Diamond

While I am seeing progress where the hogging of the dance floor by men is concerned, some selectors need to realize that, females play a major role in ‘selling off’ a party because once the women are dancing and enjoying themselves, the men will ultimately enjoy themselves.

So selector, ‘doh mek di dance done an yuh nuh play song like “Good Good” by Pamputtae, “Wifey Walk Out” by ZJ Liquid and nuff Kartel among other ‘female friendly songs. As fi you, Mr. ‘video man’, shine di video light pon di woman dem an unu dancer bway weh love hog di dance floor, jus hol’ a girl an mek she tek d lead.’
Agree or disagee a jus so me feel.

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