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| November 22, 2013

In Business news.  There are entrepreneurs springing up everywhere and every year and among a wide variety of disparate cultures. Gender, age, creed and sexuality are no barriers to dreaming up a bright idea, pursuing it and excelling at it.

From Idea to Enterprise

Event organiser Osheane Chambers

The notion of working for oneself, being one’s own boss and having control of one’s financial destiny has been with man for time immemorial but there are very few of us courageous enough to take the plunge.

Greenwich Bright Futures Society, a south east London not-for-profit voluntary organisation that inspires, empowers young and mature students through workshops, networking events, company insight days and many more hosted a one of a kind high profile business seminar dedicated to the students of the Deptford Green Secondary School.

From Idea to Enterprise

Multi award-winner Lorna Stewart

Organised by young visionary Osheane Cambers and his team Donna Alexis, Dawn Richards, Sam Norman, Serban Chiscop and Nathan Cotter the event attracted accomplished entrepreneurs and pioneers in their own right such as Nathaniel Peat, Carly Ward, Lorna Stewart, Keshav, Chelsey Baker and the notorious, controversial and charismatic Levi Roots.

The event was moderated by inspirational speaker / author Vanessa Mclean who did a fantastic job providing appropriate anecdotal quotes which put each presenter’s rendering in context.

From Idea to Enterprise

Entrepreneur Keshav

All the presentations were first class and had the students keen and participative. As a prelude to the presentations Lorna provided a quite useful warm up session to get the students focused on the overriding theme of the presentations by posing questions geared toward having them think of what careers they’d like to undertake; got the ball rolling.

The first presentati0n was done by Keshav who outlined his experience as a young entrepreneur and the peculiarities of being an Asian entrepreneur. He stressed the need for discipline and focus.

From Idea to Enterprise

Serial entrepreneur, author Chelsey Baker

Keshav was swiftly followed by Lorna who gave a very emotional account of her early life and the innumerable challenges she overcame to finally be the well respected entrepreneur she is today. She too gave credence to the need to be focused and steadfast to the belief in oneself.

Immediately following Lorna was serial entrepreneur, former model and author, Chelsey Baker. Chelsey’s path bore some resemblance to Lorna’s as they both started out with little or no formal qualifications but used determination, wit, street smarts and a firm belief in their own ability to accomplish their dreams.

From Idea to Enterprise

Young entrepreneur Carly Ward

Then followed Carly Ward an ambitous young woman who got fed up of being unemployed and unable to find the right job, started a business centred around a programme that teaches young people entrepreneurial and life skills.

The man following Carly Ward was Mr. Energetic himself, Nathaniel Peat. Nathaniel who could be seen edging to be called to the podium, jumped to his feet in his usual enthusiasm and launched into a most engaging presentation that saw him give away a £10.00 note emphasising the point that there are opportunities everywhere but many of us don’t action the opportunity and consequently lose out.

From Idea to Enterprise

Multi-talented entrepreneur Nathaniel Peat

Nathaniel used some practical exercises engaging the students that at times had the auditorium in stitches. He too echoed the message of his predecessors, the need to be focused and disciplined if one is to accomplish anything in life, particularly in business.

And finally, the one and only, Dragon Slayer, author, serial entrepreneur, chef Levi Roots. Levi, billed as the headline presenter did not disappoint. Dressed in a burgundy suit and equipped with his signature box guitar Levi entered the auditorium from the rear playing and singing… the students went wild and cheered rapturously.

From Idea to Enterprise

Multi-millionnaire chef, author, musician Levi Roots

Quite cleverly, Levi used audience participation, as Nathaniel before him, to illustrate the value of taking up opportunities. He staged a singing contest that required three student singers to stand beside him and render their version of his famous Reggae Reggae Sauce song.

The student audience voted with their screams for their favourite performer and a winner was adjudged and awarded a prize. The students absolutely loved the exercise and listened to every word he uttered thereafter as he took them on a short journey into his past highlighting the significant challenges that seemed to have characterised his life.

From Idea to Enterprise

A proud group photograph

Levi was very clear about his undying resolve to improve his life by stepping away from his menial job in 2005 and focusing on his sauce which lead him to the BBC Dragon’s Den in 2006 where his life changed forever.

At the end of the event the remaining students (some left for scheduled classes elsewhere) all flocked the presenters for photographs. It was indeed a sight to behold, particularly as Levi tried unsuccessfully to slip away but was ambushed by an avalanche of students wanting autographs and photos.

From Idea to Enterprise

The skilled Moderator Vanessa McLean

Hats off to the Greenwich Bright Futures Society for planning and implementing an excellent event; to Deptford Green Secondary School for facilitating the event; and to Osheane Chambers for his vision and commitment to making a difference.

For details of the presenters’ backgrounds click here


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