Can’t Stand The Heat…? Then Get Out!

| February 18, 2012

Staff writer - Kerran Monroe

They say; if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.  This is to say that, once you are involved in certain domains, then, certain things are a given, some are perks and some, you wish did not exist.  Therefore, if you are enjoying the perks, then you must also deal with the non-perks.

Recently, rumors have been circulating that Bounty Killer and newcomer, female singer, Gabriel, are dating.  The two collaborated on a single, entitled, Lollipop.  Since then persons have made claims of seeing the two out together in public in compromising positions and what not.  When contacted by the Star newspaper, Gabriel’s response was, “I think some jealous person is behind this because it all started since we did the Lollipop song, some people just a pree jealously.”  When I read this response, I did not know if I should be angry with her or sympathize with her.  Bounty Killer has been in the music industry for quite some time and as a result the limelight is not new to him and neither is controversy.  Therefore, I am wondering if he did not tell her that, rumors are all a part of the game.  You can say a hundred times that your personal life is nobody’s business, but you will still be dead wrong.  One you are in the

The evasive Gabriel

limelight, your business is the public’s business.  It may seem unfair and it is but you have to understand that, if you want to enjoy the good then you must endure the unpleasant.  You don’t call people jealous.

Another mistake you made, Gabriel is saying in the Star interview that your business is not the media’s, just as your business is the public’s business; it is also the media’s business.  You have become popular, my dear, due to your annoying song, as some have described it.  You either endure the un-pleasantries of being in the music industry, along with the niceties or you just get out and avoid the good and the bad all together.  But you cannot be in the game and only expect to experience the perks of the game.

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