Caribbean And The City – Back to Black

| May 23, 2011

Staff writer - Maria Costa

Once you go black, you don’t go back.

It’s a modern day adage that makes white men quiver, myriad women nod in agreement and turns black men in to transient kings. Kings of the bedroom that is.

The question on everyone’s lips; (and by everyone I mean non Caribbean men) is it true; are black men better in bed than non- black men…?

When I was first intimate with Mr.Caribbean, the first thing to excite and more importantly, ignite me, was his skin. From his head all the way down, it was just so…smooth.

As if that wasn’t enough, the caramel feel of his skin encased a toned, honed and athletic body. You know, the sort where when he lifted a heavy box, his forearm muscles flexed just enough to make you want to bite your – or his – bottom lip.

Although the media – and many women – have referred to black men as being better in bed because genetically they are well endowed, that was not my deal clincher.

For me it’s the throwdown. The fact that his passion makes it clear that in these

Black Love

moments, there isn’t anywhere else he would rather be in the world other than right here with me. Mr.Caribbean isn’t worried about what I want because he is damn sure of it and there is no doubt that he will deliver.

And let me take a moment to recognise Mr. Caribbean’s energy. Whoever stereotyped black men as being laid back were definitely referring to aspects outside the bedroom because wild horses wouldn’t get a look in.

The kisses are sensual, the arms are placed in the exact right place, the confidence…aah the confidence! Who could fault it…?

So does this set things in stone? And where did this all begin?

It’s that old tale, History which once again, dictates our present and grants us that all important insight.

A long, long time ago, rich white women purchased black men based on the size of their genitals and looked to them for sex whilst their white plantation owning husbands were out sleeping with young girls. Thus it was born; the use of black men as pleasure givers.

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