Caribbean And The City – Dress (Not) To Repress

| July 3, 2011

Staff writer - Maria Costa

Does anyone know the exact moment in a relationship when the qualities which attracted you to the person in the first instance now threaten you?

For some people, it is their partner’s confidence which poses a fear of losing that person, for others it may be their beauty.

For dear Mr.Caribbean, it was my dress sense. Although he was rather enamoured with my figure hugging clothes when his eyes first set eyes on me, my choice of attire was now becoming somewhat of a hindrance and we were at that wonderful stage in the relationship where insecurities were flying about all over the place.

”Why do your clothes have to be so tight?” His vociferations permeating any room he chose fit.

Now me being the opinionated girl that I am, my initial reaction was to defend myself.

”I didn’t hear you complaining when you approached me”

”Well you’re mine now so you don’t need to show off anymore. I’m sick of seeing every man staring at you!”

His last comment was enough to instigate a feminist enriched tirade but I bit my tongue; we could easily go ten more rounds. I knew I would win the argument, so why bother having it? (He also hated my cockyness).

"The look of an insecure black man"

I knew my image and my body; I knew that with my curves; if I wore the wrong types of clothes I would quite simply, look fat. Besides, is it just the way someone looks that lures the opposite sex? Or is it simply the way you project yourself which attracts the admiring glances?

That weekend, Mr.Caribbean was waiting for me to finish getting ready so we could go shopping.
”Five minuuuuuuuutes!”
My emergence was met with gasps and shock. There I stood, my sleek hair replaced with a high bun, my face devoid of any make up and I was proudly clad in a grey tracksuit which could rival Rocky Balboa’s.

Before my female fans disown me in horror, I was doing this to prove a point. (Proving a point – a major aspect of a relationship).

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