Caribbean Overseas Territory Representatives meet CIBN

| April 12, 2014

Caribbean news. As the first networking session focusing on trade and investment with a St Lucia theme gathers momentum, CaribDirect International Business Network (CIBN) Project Director, David F. Roberts met with Overseas Territory Representatives from Bermuda, Montserrat, The Cayman Islands, Anguilla and British Virgin Islands in London on Thursday.

These discussions, held at the offices of the Bermuda representative were focused on introducing the CaribDirect International Business Network (CIBN) concept; outlining its broad scope; elucidating the economic and political opportunities abound for the Caribbean Overseas Territories; and examining practical ways to work together for the benefit of the dependent territories of the Caribbean.

In attendance were Cayman Islands deputy director Charles Parchment, Montserrat director Janice Panton, BVI director Kedrick Malone, Bermuda director Kimberley Durrant,  CaribDirect director of policy Ron Belgrave and CaribDirect Multi-Media CEO David F. Roberts.

Mr Roberts set the tone of the meeting by providing the context of the current economic situation in the UK from the point of view of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), generally and the relevance of CIBN to Caribbean entrepreneurs, particularly. He provided an overview of the objectives and vision of CIBN while articulating the value of a strategic alliance with Caribbean Overseas Territories to help in connecting SMEs between the UK and their respective constituencies in the Caribbean.

The leaders were keen to establish a mode of collaboration as they grasped the concept readily and were excited about the prospect of bridging the gap between Caribbean youth and first and second generation Caribbean nationals both in the UK and Caribbean, through media. CaribDirect Multi-Media with its many facets (online magazine, seminars, social media and digital marketing) was deemed vital to spearheading this drive and galvanizing Diaspora support.

Ron Belgrave spoke to the importance of the media, particularly film, to facilitating trade and investment and also the opportunity to use film as a suitable conduit to reach young Caribbean nationals wherever they are.


(l-r) Cayman Islands deputy director Charles Parchment, Montserrat director Janice Panton, CaribDirect CEO, David F. Roberts, Bermuda director Kimberley Durrant and BVI director Kedrick Malone,

The Overseas Territory Representatives are unanimously agreed that the CIBN is indeed a useful initiative to connecting Diaspora businesses with their Caribbean counterparts; and is a great forum for City businesses men and women to meaningfully engage in trade and investment talks with Caribbean government decision makers at all levels.

The following is a sample of essential outcomes of the meeting:

  • Assistance will be provided to CIBN to access financial services operators in the City;
  • The Overseas Territory Representatives will jointly collaborate with CIBN to deliver the CIBN BVI networking meeting on Thursday 7th August 2014;
  • The Overseas Territory Representatives offered to facilitate links between CaribDirect and their local media for content sharing for Caribbean and Diaspora benefit.
  • CaribDirect will serve as a platform to disseminate Overseas Territory Representatives communiques as required.

All left the two hour meeting optimistic about the fate of young enterprising Caribbean nationals in the region and the Diaspora given the ethos of CaribDirect International Business Network (CIBN).

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