Consent is very clear when given. Be Alert!

| July 11, 2020

Teen Scene columnist Jade Roberts

In mid June a swarm of brave women individually took over Twitter with unfortunate stories of their sexual assault cases. Mostly from famous and well-known people.

Sexual assault is an act in which a person intentionally sexually touches another person without that person’s consent or coerces or physically forces a person to engage in a sexual act against their will.

Recently (Wednesday 8th June) Instagram influencer David Bunmi, aged 19, was accused via Twitter of sexually touching a supporter Jess, aged 17, whilst taking a photo last year 2019 at a popular festival event called Wireless which she had posted to her Instagram story a few days later. Jess was 16 at the time while David was 18. She says, “and in these photos his arm went around my shoulder and his hand went down my bra and held my naked breast”. David was not given consent to do so and there were hundreds of people around which did not refrain him from his actions.

She has provided evidence of 2 photos where you can visibly see his hand in her bra. After seeing the post he retweeted the thread and replying with a question mark and several laughing emojis. Although there is proof he then continues to deny that he ever did so without consent from her on his Instagram live saying “it’s very clearly, very evidently with consent”.

Having this happened 12 months ago, some of the public have reacted sceptically to the incident. Some have said that because of how long it has been she has only brought it to attention for “clout”. On the other hand some have stated that regardless of what she is aiming for the situation is still as serious as any assault claim.

Jess claims her only reason for going public was because she wanted an apology and reassurance. “Please let me make this clear because I feel like my message is being lost. I have never had intentions of ruining his career or reputation. I simply wanted him to recognise his wrong doings and apologise to me, I begged and he still refused. That’s why I went public. Only that.” She quoted.

Personally speaking, if you are provided with clear evidence from a woman who has claimed to have been touched wrongfully under no consent whatsoever the least that is expected is an apology for your actions.

David has continued to neglect the seriousness of the situation and take it as banter leaving Jess without an apology nor recognition for his wrong doings. Be Alert ladies!! You can chat with me about this on FB:

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