D’Angel defends showing private parts at STING 2013

| January 6, 2014

In Jamaica news. (YouTube comment) Muta say she open her legs like Scissors, not the one that cut cloth but the one that cut grass DWL. D’Angel sound vex and aggressive on the phone. Fun and Joke aside, all we want to know is WHY SHE was band for five years from STING? Because Sting has a history of F%#KRY, so what’s changed?

D Angel lets her legs spread on stage. Photo courtesy www.yardflex.com

D Angel lets her legs spread on stage. Photo courtesy www.yardflex.com

This is the kind of thing CaribDirect sees as degrading Caribbean culture. There can be no excuse for nudity or public indecency on stage in any performance within the Caribbean context. Muta Baruka is correct in his assessment of D’Angel’s behaviour. What do you think…?

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