Your Decision Matters: Relationships

| August 19, 2017

Take a moment and really think about your honest answers to the questions you’re about to read.

Doesn’t matter your sex…If we all knew in our teenage years what we knew now, we’d definitely make some huge changes regarding relationship choices.

I’ve often wondered why it takes us so long to put our foot down when we know something is amiss. Those niggling feelings we recognise as intuition, that we never want to act on until it’s too late, are ignored because we are not strong enough to act on them. But wait…Don’t many of us still do that now? Why do you think that is?

We are quick to turn on members of the same sex who have betrayed us, faster than the people we have shared our most intimate moments with. Why?

These feelings have been called “fear”. Knowing what it is and doing nothing about it supports how long it stays. And you know what? When you wait, the other person makes a decision that you have to adhere to and then you have no choice in the matter. Is that what you really want?

Think about it.


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