Demi Moore and the ‘Conditioning’ of America

| February 16, 2012

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News Organizations and Callous Americans “Salivating” Over Actor’s Downfall.

Okay, folks! It’s time to go back to school. By a show of hands, how many out there remember learning about “Pavlov’s Dogs” in psychology or science class? What?! Are you kidding me?! Only 25 people responded! That is a damn shame. Nonetheless, allow me to provide you with a brief overview.

Ivan Pavlov was a Russian mathematician and scientist who became famous as result of series of experiments he conducted on dogs and their digestive system. He noticed that dogs would salivate prior to being served food, but what fascinated Pavlov even more was the response dogs had when they suspected food was on the way.

Pavlov, in layman’s terms, began to “play with Fido’s head”, and would create a stimulus to see if he could get a similar response. In one example, the scientist would ring a bell prior to serving the food. The dogs, as a result of “classical conditioning”, eventually began to salivate every time the bell was rung. The dogs were reacting to the notion that food was coming and that their appetites would be satisfied.

America, and those living abroad, I would suggest to you that the sad tale of Hollywood star Demi Moore, like so many celebrities before her, is proof that society has succumbed to classical conditioning. Moreover, the mad scientists conducting this contemporary and crazed experiment are the mainstream media and those that think they have the inside track on Demi Moore and the most intimate details of her life. They don’t know a damn thing, and just as Pavlov played with Fido’s head, media outlets have reduced millions of people in this country and abroad to a bunch of drooling guinea pigs that can’t wait for the next disturbing and juicy tidbit on Moore’s personal problems.

Heart broken Demi Moore

I completely understand that the news industry has a job to do and that failing to report on Moore’s fall from grace would be frowned upon by the fellow members of the Pavlovian media and the public. I totally get that. What I don’t get is the insatiable need for news outlets, including the tabloids, to irresponsibly and relentlessly pursue Moore — or those closest to her — to get as much “dirt” as possible. These reckless and unconscionable whores really make me sick, and their actions are a major reason why “From The G-Man” refuses to engage in or showcase these types of stories.

The news directors, executives and publishers that willingly participate in this on-going experiment are soulless and twisted, and they need to be taken to task for their insensitivity and quest for salaciousness. Maybe it’s time to “Occupy Hollywood” and go after TMZ-like media outlets, including the paparazzi, and hold them accountable by forcing them to stay in their lane when it comes to celebrities battling addiction and protecting their families. I’ll bet the movement would receive an enormous amount of financial and public support on that front, especially from members of the Hollywood community.

Many news and pseudo-news sources will claim that they’re simply after the truth. Well, I’m telling them that they need to cut the bullshit. If that were truly the case, they would stick to reporting the facts, not comments by alleged associates or friends of Moore — whose only purpose is to sell her out to the highest bidder — and wait for the star to come forward and tell her story when she is good and ready!

Furthermore, I want to issue a message to people that have posted unbelievably nasty comments on sites like the Huffington Post regarding Demi Moore. Some people have called Moore a “whiny bitch” and claimed she is to blame for her troubles because her fame and wealth have driven her over the edge. Others have noted that Moore was stupid and should’ve known better than to marry Ashton Kutcher, who is 16 years younger. These people, more commonly known as dumb-assess, need to shut their mouths and realize that pain is pain, no matter who’s experiencing it.

The statement Moore publicly made about the fear that she may be “unlovable” resonated with not just millions of women going though or emerging from a severe break-up or divorce, but millions of men as well. Pain is pain, people. It’s just that men are less likely to admit how much they’re hurting. They’d rather drown themselves in a sea of booze and vaginas — or penises, if they’re gay — in an effort to escape the pain. If people are going to scrutinize Moore for how she’s choosing to deal with her pain, I suggest they look in the mirror, first. Pain is pain, people! How many times do I have to say it?

As far as the vicious comments that have been posted on the Internet, the only people that deserve to comment on the private life of Demi Moore are those that love her, unconditionally, and have her best interest and safety at heart. Anyone outside of this community needs to mind their damn business and leave her and her family alone. Ms. Moore, Mr. Willis and Mr. Kutcher: If you’re looking for an ally in media, now you’ve got one.

This commentary is from the heart and…..From The G-Man.

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