Did U Know Rosemary and Garlic can save your life?

| June 30, 2012

Claire Jackson – Contributor


It’s amazing how we take the fruits, vegetables and legumes we see everyday for granted and in many cases dismiss the importance they are to our health. Well over the next few weeks I’m going to share some rare but vital facts about these items that are of vital importance to our general health and wellness.

Of course if you have any personal examples of these fruits, vegetables and legumes being of help to you please let us know so we can all stay healthy.

Rosemary – is an all-round stimulant and tonic, is good for low blood pressure and the circulation.  Also used as a hair rinse it will condition


the hair and stimulate hair growth.














Garlic – is highly antiseptic and acts as an internal purifier, eating it regularly will build a resistance to infection.  A daily cup of the tea will reduce high blood pressure.

next week we will look at two more interesting food items we take for granted. I look forward to your comments…

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