Divas On Demand

| April 29, 2013

Divas On Demand, a social networking society created to stop social ideations and misconceptions of the average young black girl.

It was designed for students, social entrepreneurs, directors, fashionistas, media experts and novices, leaders, accountants, marketing professionals, publishers and many other disciplines that are looking for ways to promote, and learn in a positive and professional environment and to provide a platform for those who want to expand and explore.

Divas on Demand

Divas on Demand

Out of this society came the Divas On Demand reality show. A show to entice all ages and all genders. The show entails a visual look into the lives of four ladies Business Owner, Single Mother, University Student and Party Girl who are from different backgrounds, have different morals and aspirations.

We will observe their day to day life, how they interact with each other, any conflicts of interest and how they react out of their comfort zone.

Divas on Demand

Divas on Demand

The aim is to show young ladies in a different light, in their deepest thoughts and happiest emotions. We want to show the world that there are so many different types of women yet we all share similar insecurities and values in most situations.

In addition, there hasn’t been a reality show in the UK looking at the young women in a positive light or in a multi dimensional aspect.

Divas on Demand

Divas on Demand

The ladies will share with us their laughter, their tears, their fights, and resolutions. As an audience we will relate to them emotionally and will be able to identify with these strong, capable ladies.

We will see real stories in real lives from their different perspectives. This show will be full of fun and jam packed with entertainment.

Lexy Boahene

(Founder of DivasOnDemand)

Please contact info@divasondemand.co.uk  for more information on how to get involved.

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