Dominica: The Land I Love

| May 2, 2012

Staff writer Eunice Nisbett








Gliding in slowly above the mountains

Gazing at the valleys below.

Stunning was her beauty

Standing tall, luxurious forests beckoning

There’s no place like home.


Nestled between Martinique and Guadeloupe

Surrounded and influenced by the French.

Shhh! Hear it in the way we speak

In our village names –  Fond St Jean and Paix Bouche

In our traditional wear – Wob Dwiyet, Madras and Jupe.


Oh! So good it is to be home!

Places to visit, like The Carib Territory and the Cabrits.

Breathtaking hikes

The boiling lake, the world’s second largest

And cascading, majestic waterfalls.


Long and winding roads

Clear rivers, one for every day of the year.

Pristine air and the songs of birds

The beauty of the flowers

Citrus flourishing along the roadsides.


Fresh food and fruit in abundance

Crab backs, sancoche and callaloo.

Bakes, smoke herring and cocoa tea

Ton ton, fry fish and zaboca

Akwa titiwi and a roasted plantain.


A cultural melting pot,

Tim Tim! Bwa Sesh. Mesye Kwik! Kwak!

Cadence, Calypso and Creole Day

Jing ping, quadrille and  bèlè

Ladies dressed in our traditional wear.


Kalinago and the nèg mawon

And Dominicans who left a story to tell.

Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, Mabel ‘Cissy’ Cauderion,

Edward Le Blanc and W.O.M Pond

Not forgetting Author Jean Rhys.


Dates like Sunday third November 1493

When Columbus sighted Wai’tukubuli

Dominica, he said she will come to be.

Then on third November 1978

Her Independence she finally gained.




So lush! So fruitful!

Yes! Tall Stands Her Body!

E Nisbett and G R John

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