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| August 20, 2017

Ladies, if there’s anything that doesn’t look good on the fashion scene, it’s wearing the wrong bra. Sometimes, you have the right bra but it’s not used properly. Have you ever thought about bra extenders or convertors?

Bra extenders are principally an extra piece of band with eyes that you can hook onto your current bra band to lengthen it so it doesn’t feel too tight around your bust or back areas. Check how many hooks there are and make sure it matches the bra you want to wear it with.

These wonderful, inexpensive wearables can also be used to reposition your bra’s original bra straps.  These make your original bands feel tighter or reposition them so that the strap isn’t showing. Think about vest tops.

Extenders are temporary fixes as any advantage you gain may make your bra cups not fit as snug. It’s a good idea to have a pair, just in case…you know how ladies’ bodies change depending on our natural health occurrences.

bra extender

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