Drug Trafficking: An Easy Life Sentence!!

| March 14, 2012

Staff writer - Nyasha Watson

It is often times unclear why we take certain risks with our lives and freedom. I guess desperation is a heavy burden to carry. On the other hand, a clear conscience should also be a heavy burden to carry.

Drug trafficking is by far one of the most dangerous means of earning quick money; I am not even referring to the fact that it is illegal. The fact is most persons find creative ways to hide the drugs in their bodies and if the drug should burst in their bodies then…

Also, security at the airports is more vigilant which means more and more persons are being caught transporting illegal drugs. Thus if a person is caught then they are looking at; a minimum ten years in prison.

But the simple fact is that if they are not caught then they stand to make a lot of money. The truth is that a lot of persons are addicted to drugs and are willing to spend a lot of money for those drugs. So as business principle states once there is a demand for a good and the supply is limited then the price of the good automatically goes up.

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And it is said that the Caribbean produces the best drugs. I am not so sure that that is something we should be proud of.  Yes, I have written before that ganja should be legalized because cigarette is legal or they both should be illegal. And I guess this would eliminate the need to transport it illegally.

And this is behind the point still, because legalizing any form of drugs or addictive product is detrimental for any society. This is because consuming drugs in itself is a life-sentence, because not everyone can control their urges and so one will always be a slave to that drug.

So, I congratulate the security system at the airports for catching drug traffickers and prosecuting them; even though it is inevitable some will get through. The fact is if they get caught they get a life sentence if they don’t they are imposing a life sentence on someone else.

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