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| March 6, 2012

Staff Writer - Katrin Callender

So a friend of mine was in flirt mode and after we’d spent some time chatting, he decided to ask me if I could cook-he only wanted a woman who could cook! Well, as we say here in Trinidad and Tobago, ‘ah get hot one time’. I was livid. I hoped he was joking. We are in the 21st Century after all. I wasn’t about to let him go on like that. Somebody, quick, toss me a bra to burn!

He sensed that he was in danger and quickly explained that he did not expect a woman to do all of the cooking- he wasn’t going to force a woman to cook and clean and have babies, but he thought she should be able to boil water, to lend a hand in the kitchen at least. I wasn’t necessarily pacified but decided to let him go with a raised eyebrow and a slap on the wrist.

Other friends have since shared similar sentiments. I decided that I couldn’t handle or make that dizzying transition from peace to rage as often as I spoke with persons who shared this perspective. I decided to really think about it.  Dare I say I came to understand that it was not an illogical point of view? Whatever our sex, we should all be able to take care of ourselves to the best of our abilities, once we reach adulthood. Even before this, but much of our youth can be considered a training period.

So I’m reminded of that ode to competitiveness, “Anything you can do I can do better.” The film from which it is taken is a lovely one- such is classic film for you. I remember singing it with glee as a child. However, the message is applicable to this article. While we may not go about competing with each other, and while our physical make-up may deter us from pursuing one course or another, we should be able to confidently challenge anyone who assumes that we cannot, with our ‘can do’ attitude.

This is the platform upon which Barak Obama won his presidency and it is the viewpoint of countless other successful persons. If there is something you would like to do, attempt it. If it proves challenging seek out another way to get it done, one that suits the resources you have. There is seldom one ‘right’ way to do something. So if you need to accomplish it and the traditional method has not been a success, blaze a new trail for yourself and those who similarly need to progress in their own way.

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