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| September 13, 2013

Is there a wedding, reunion or special event coming soon?  Do you want people wondering, “What is she doing to look so young”,  “Her skin is fabulous!!”, “Is he the same age as us?”

It’s time to book an appointment, Toulou Organics Half-Price Monday Facial at the Charterhouse Clinic, London W1H, from 12noon – 9pm. Call today on 020 8213 3205.



Juanne (aka Juju)

I instantly liked the vibe at Toulou Organics. Andrea was lovely and the environment clean, classy and peaceful. After a skin consultation that included analysis from a scanner, I was given a Hydraderm Double Ionisation Facial, which uses electrotherapy to oxygenate and push botanical extracts deep into the skin cells. This was coupled with a technique called “Gomming”, which effectively was a sticky honey mask used to remove dead skin cells! In short…I’ll be back!




Hayley (ESSEX)

All in all the whole experience was amazing. The skin consultation was fascinating and I learnt more about the type of skin I have and most importantly the condition of it and what I can be doing to improve it. I was led completely by Andrea who recommended the above treatment. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable process and each step of the way was explained to me.





Estella Daniels

The Vanilla Pod, Aloe Vera and Baobab Body Crème is my absolute favourite! This formula is like sweet nectar for my skin…made for me. It’s light, almost like whipped cream, with a subtle fresh vanilla scent. A little goes a long way and it lasts the whole day. It glides over the skin. I noticed a difference within a week. It does exactly what it says… Nourish!! Excellent!


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Beauty Within Me (BWM)

BWM is pleased to be associated with this promotion. BWM was borne out of the personal life journey of visionary Glen Yearwood, the Founder of Soul Marketing Consultancy, serial entrepreneur and international commentator on cross-cultural marketing. For more details click link here.

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