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| July 16, 2011

A wonderful way to begin this piece is to say “I remember the days when the West Indies was a winning team and no one in the world could have beaten them”. However, The West Indies have been down a losing spiral since before I was born.

Today West Indies Cricket is at its lowest. They have not been able to clinch a win in quite some time. Commentators popularly say this when talking about the West Indies; “the West Indies teams has a way of snatching defeat from the jaws of Victory” it sounds weird I know, but it is true. Recently the West Indies Team lost two series against both Pakistan and India.

The West Indies team was created as tool to further bring together the Caribbean countries and people as one Union. The West Indies Team consists of players from the different Caribbean Islands.  In the 1950 the West Indies teams “whitewash” England in series they played in the Caribbean. At that time many of the Caribbean islands were under British rule. This victory was a vehicle that was utilized by the different Caribbean islands as means to obtain independence from their British monarch.

Cricket is more than just a sport in the Caribbean, and West Indies Cricket team is more than just another cricket team. It means the world to Caribbean people, because they know of the significant of this great team.

Therefore, one can see how heartbreaking it is to see this team lose time and time again. The West Indies Cricket team is spiraling downward in the Caribbean and in the world rankings.

The factor that may account for this is the psychological problem faced by players.  The fear of not performing causes them not to perform well.  However, the most contributing factor that leads them to failure is the comparison of the current team to the teams that have gone by. Many in the Caribbean wishes these new players can be like the cricketing legends of the past.  What they have to realize that they cannot be them and be themselves as standout players at the same time. Now no one say, they cannot view them a examples to follow or role models; but this new team should in fact try to work the skills they do have and with the players they have as well.  Maybe then and only then can West Indies Cricket once again be great.

What are your feeling with regard to West Indies Cricket?

Do you believe that West Indies Cricket can be great again?

Do you agree or disagree with my views and agrument put forward?

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