Grenada PM Mitchell sets out plan for progress

| October 18, 2013

In Grenada news. To say Grenadians in the UK are less than interested in the goings on in their homeland of Grenada would be a tad false as Grenadians from all over Britain came out to greet their Prime Minister at the Hammersmith Town Hall.

PM Keith Mitchell Town Hall Meeting 2013

Organised by the Grenada High Commission, this special Town Hall meeting bore some of the hallmarks of a properly orchestrated political rally except for the absence of banners, placards and colourful T Shirts.

Following what appeared to be an unending period of salutations that included hugging, kissing and bouncing fists the show got off to a brisk start. A quick rendition of the Grenada National Anthem was performed by the music veteran Root Jackson set the tone for the evening.

Second term High Commissioner His Excellency Joslyn Whiteman provided an account of the Prime Minister’s illustrious career and achievements.

PM Keith Mitchell Town Hall Meeting 2013

In swift fashion Prime Minister of Grenada Dr. The Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell took to his feet and launched into his presentation outlining the many good things that have happened to Grenada since his ascension to office as prime minister, while Senator Sheldon Scott and Bishop Simon Iheanacho watched on.

He boasted about the fact that his recent trip to Washington has yielded many successes, particularly in the area of trade and investment.

The PM stressed the notion that he is unconcerned about how Grenadians feel about him personally but want Grenadians to focus on what his administration is doing to create a better Grenada for all Grenadians.

He mentioned the importance of restructuring of the economy as an essential factor in generating growth and his government’s success at halting the economic free fall created by his predecessors.

PM Keith Mitchell Town Hall Meeting 2013

Prime Minister Mitchell assured the large audience of Grenadians and friends that this time or this era is not NNP time but Grenada Time, promising a new beginning characterised by an improved health care program; reduction in unemployment; salary increases for public servants; increased air lift for tourism due to new hotel construction projects and the introduction of a much needed agricultural feeder road project.

There was much activity coming from the audience in terms of comments and questions that went well over the allotted time as Grenadians sought clarity on a number of areas such as tourism, Air Passenger Duty Tax, the management of the Customs and Excise Department, the management of the St George’s Hospital, crime and much more.

PM Keith Mitchell Town Hall Meeting 2013

Following the evening’s cordial exchanges it was announced that the cost of the Hammersmith Town Hall was one that required the assistance of guests and all were encouraged to ‘did deep and give generously’.

PM Keith Mitchell Town Hall Meeting 2013

It has come to the attention of CaribDirect that a suitably appointed and accommodating venue was offered FREE of cost for the holding of the meeting but it was rejected. This allegation will be investigated and the results of which will be published in due course…

PM Keith Mitchell Town Hall Meeting 2013



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