Hello…It’s Our Time!

| August 12, 2017

Welcome to my space, which I hope will become our space.

Every Saturday I’ll bring you titbits that interested me throughout the week, that will entertain you in a thoughtful way. Feel free to comment and contact me as I’ll be checking in now and again updating when something live happens; even if it’s just a few lines or a picture.

I’ll also feature something for the ladies and something for the men, but many times, no matter your sex, it’s good to learn about opposite sex experiences don’t you think? I’d love male opinions to some of the articles discussing female issues and vice versa. Are you game? I hope so.

I invite you to join me in Delia’s Diary where you can tell me about your similar experiences. I’ll also highlight items I’ve read or seen online and I welcome if you’d like to send me your news and I’ll credit you for them. I may also visit your event and share…And sometimes, I’ll invite you to share my experiences with me!

Here we go then…

Delia Dolor is a television and radio talk show host, live presenter, editor and public speaker.

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