Help! Stalker’s about!!

| October 30, 2011

Staff writer - Latoya Wakefield

Neyo’s ‘One in Million’ breaks the serenity of the atmosphere…it’s Angela’s phone ringing. She looks at it and noticed it’s a private number…

She hates not knowing the identity of her caller but she answers it nevertheless…when she does, a female voice blasts into her ears a string of words not fit for publication. She was about to hang up her phone silently when she heard “Leave me man alone!” she immediately

Replied,  ‘So you’re the fool who keeps sending texts to my phone…Get some sense and lef mi alone” then she slammed her phone.

It was not the type of retaliation she would like to give but she was in a public area and had to remain civil…

The scenario above demonstrates that relationships are becoming so psychotic where men/women feel they have the right to ‘cuss’ others who merely communicate or show any form of closeness with their spouses. What’s even worse is that some spouses support this mad behaviour. They know that the female/male have no interest in them whatsoever and still they cheer on their ‘other half’ when they’re having a fit over something that is obviously a fragment of their imagination.

Ladies Man Neyo

I’ve known of numerous incidents where innocent bystanders have been stalked by their best friend’s women and who have had their friendships ended over these unnatural behaviours. There was once this situation of this female who believed her boyfriend’s female friends

were courting him that she ran away. She even threatened to commit suicide. How can you love someone so much and have no love for yourself?

Come on girls, wake up! No man or human being is worth taking your life over infidelity especially if it’s just your perception.

Why are we becoming so engrossed in our relationships that we forget our values (if we had any to begin with)? that we constantly text the other girl telling her to leave your man alone? That we do not realize that it takes two to cheat (if the person’s really cheating)? Don’t blame the girls or the guys, blame your spouses and yourselves for being such fools that you never had TRUST in your relationships.

Could this be you...?

It is said that love knows no jealousy but nowadays if you’re not the jealous type, you don’t love your partner enough. Trust, respect, honesty, love and understanding are

still and will always be the building blocks to any healthy, long lasting, fulfilling relationship. Do remember that these blocks are all relative.

Many of my fellow human beings think that if the sex is good and the person says ‘I love you’, it doesn’t matter if they do not trust, respect or understand you. Ask yourself are you happy? Then why complain??

We’re setting ourselves up for a queue of no sense relationships, the ones that have no substance, no room for development, the type that suffocates…killing the inner you slowly.

How long do you think sex and I love ‘yous’ will soothe the fact that the relationship’s not going anywhere?…and when a friend accepts his/her spouse attacking you then he/her was no friend in the beginning. To me, the building blocks of a healthy relationship will always be important…

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