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| December 15, 2012

Staff Writer – Latoya Wakefield

Lately, I’ve been in the spirit of giving and it’s not because of the Christmas season that’s fast approaching. I’ve always wanted to help my country in any way I can and now I’m fully ready to act on that notion. Our Caribbean needs action, not just mere concepts of what should be done to improve our homelands.

The change starts with that person looking at you in the mirror and so I’m playing my part not because I have to but because my heart tells me to. I’ve been looking assiduously at the various ways I can aid and came across a flyer on Facebook (hey Facebook is a search engine too…) about the Jamaica Cancer Society.

Two years ago, I lost a classmate to Leukemia. It was all so sudden, she died in the week she found out she had Leukemia. My circle of friends were aware of what Leukemia was because we were taught in school. We knew cancer could be an instant killer but that was all fiction in our world until she died. I remember doctors telling me that I’m too young to have cancer. She was my exact age and she had it for quite a while and was never aware until she was on her death bed.

Cancer is real and it affects anyone at any age. Hence we need to educate ourselves, our children, our friends and all our love ones about this fatal disease. On that note, let me introduce you to the Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS). According to their website, , JCS, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, was founded in 1955 on December 6th by the Honourable Dr. Ken McNeill. Their mission is to eliminate cancer as a major health issue in Jamaica. They have three branches in Jamaica, one being in the country’s capital, Kingston.

They engage in activities not only to eliminate cancer but to control it too. Their services include Breast, Cervical and Prostate Screening as well as counseling and support to cancer survivors. They also provide counseling and support to persons who are recently diagnosed with cancer or have lost a love one to cancer. They’re also involved in mobile outreach activities such as Mammography, Pap smear screening and educational talks.

Breast Cancer. Photo courtesy

JCS has a number of initiatives that are geared towards fighting and defeating cancer in all forms. One such initiative is their Cancer Awareness Ribbon Necklace that is only for Jamaican $500. It represents a beautiful symbol of hope and can be given as a gift to someone struggling with cancer to restore faith, encourage strength and reiterate that we can fight and defeat this awful ailment.

Other ways in which you can help support this cause is by volunteering with the JCS, making donations through their website and become a member for just a small feel of JM $1000 per year. Your contribution could just help them buy that new Mammography unit they need that can save the lives of more of our women from the epidemic of breast cancer.

I already volunteered through JCS’ website and you can too. Go check out their website at or their Facebook page: . Let’s not wait on a month to support defeating cancer, cancer has no season so why should our support to defeat cancer be confined to a month?

I’ll also be purchasing the Cancer Awareness Ribbon Necklace. Who’s gonna get one with me? Kindly comment and let me know. Together we can and together we will ‘fight and defeat cancer in all its forms”. Cancer, you better step aside or else…

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