Herby Flavours

| June 16, 2018

Summertime, when my children were on holidays I took pride in growing a herb garden. At first, I didn’t know what the herbs were, I’d just pick them and throw them into gravies, but if used as they’re meant to, they can make distinctive differences.

Chives not only do well in salads but they’re great in sauces and soups. They can also be whipped with butter, cream cheese and dip, and sprinkle them on potatoes and omelettes. Don’t forget they can also be used as a replacement for onions.

Pasta is not the same without basil; it’s the ultimate accompaniment. There are more than 30 kinds of basil but sweet basil is the most common, so when you think your pasta sauce may be missing something, it’s the basil!

Sage is mostly known for stuffings but they also add flavour to pasta, meats and bread.

Rosemary means lamb! This aromatic, powerful antioxidant can also be used with chicken, fish, pork and potatoes and more – experiment!


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Delia Dolor is an all-round media professional. She produces and presents television, radio and live shows. She is also a public speaker, magazine and print editor.
Delia has been credited with creating a more intimate confessional form of media communication and to have influenced the way talk shows in the Caribbean can influence the lives of others.

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