Hidden Hotspots To Include On Your Caribbean Road Trip

| March 5, 2019

Tourism is booming in the Caribbean, with the region attracting tens of millions of visitors thanks to its warm waters, sandy beaches, and lush jungles. Unfortunately, this means that popular destinations can get uncomfortably crowded, especially during peak season. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds during your Caribbean vacation, one of the best ways to do so is by taking a road trip to lesser-known hotspots around the islands. Here are some of the Caribbean’s best hidden gems that you can visit by road.


A highly underrated destination, Curacao is a must-see on any Caribbean road trip. The island is known for its uniquely colourful architecture, most of which is built in a traditional colonial style. The downtown capital, Willemstad, is bustling with activity most days and is home to shops, museums, restaurants, and a floating fish market. You can also drive out to visit one of the island’s white, sandy beaches, where you can sunbathe, snorkel, or keep an eye out for dolphins playing.

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While this island closed for a time due to hurricane damage, it’s now reopened its borders to tourists eager to take in Anguilla’s pristine beaches and unique wildlife. The island is small and easy to navigate by car, allowing you to explore scenery from one end to the other in just a day or two. Perhaps even more famous than its picturesque landscape, however, is Anguilla’s delicious food. There are a number of restaurants that serve fresh local seafood and fine wines.


Antigua is full of hidden coves and beaches tucked away behind cliffs. Travelling by car or off-road vehicle makes it easy to find secluded beaches where you can enjoy yourself without fighting a crowd. If you want to stretch your legs after days of driving, Antigua is also home to scenic hiking trails. If you prefer aquatic activities, the island is known as a top diving destination.


Many people skip over Nevis, visiting the neighbouring island of St. Kitts instead. While St. Kitts may be bigger, Nevis is still home to some truly inspiring scenery and a rich local culture. You can also visit hot springs on the island, or soak in the sun on one of the island’s many beaches. You can reach most of Nevis by car, but you’ll have to park and go on foot if you want to hike up to Nevis Peak

If you’re planning to visit the Caribbean, a road trip is a great way to experience all that the region has to offer. You can explore every nook and cranny of each island, getting up close and personal with local people and wildlife. It’s easy to avoid the crowds by including lesser-known hotspots on your itinerary, from the beach houses of Curacao to the sandy coves of Antigua.

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