| February 29, 2012

Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

I was watching the news on CVM television recently and, making the headlines was a mock wedding.  This wedding was not the ordinary wedding, however, as the bride and groom were teenagers and the setting of the wedding was on the campus of a high school.  Also the guests were probably the entire school.  However, according to the report, there were aspects of the wedding that were very real, such as the rings that were exchanged by these high school children, which were solid gold.  There was also a wedding cake and even photographs being taken of the bride and groom.  I know these kids went all out.  Of course, this wedding is not legal, since the bride and groom are minors.

Apparently, the principal was off campus during the time of the ‘wedding’.  However other teachers and officials must have been on campus as the ceremony was facilitated by an employee/official at the school.

The Ministry of Education is not so happy about this charade put on by the student population of this particular high school.  The ministry wants answers, as to how could something like that have been allowed to happen on the school compound, without anyone stopping it.  The ministry of education also described the happenings as inappropriate, as a school is not the place for such activities.

Cute but not realistic...right? Photo courtesy graphicshunt.com

I however, disagree somewhat with the ministry.  While I do believe that it may have been somewhat inappropriate, I also think that the ministry is overreacting a bit, to the extent that they want the school to report to it on the matter.  Just a statement, stating the inappropriateness of what took place would have been sufficient.  No word at all from the ministry would have worked for me too.

I say it is just a couple of teenagers who believe they were in love and thought, “what do people do when they are in love? They get married.”  So they staged a mock wedding, maybe saved their lunch monies and bought a couple of rings and a cake.  I think it was somewhat cute and I wish I had the guts to try something like that when I was in high school.

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