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| December 30, 2017

The date of your birth supposedly reveals what your future holds. Depending on your Zodiac sign your actions and character can be predicted too. As a New Year approaches, many people use almanacs, readings and horoscopes to have a peep at what the year may bring.

I recently came across Vedic astrology which uses the Moon Sign as your rashi or the zodiac sign. If you’re not Aquarian and you’d like to read your sign’s prediction visit indiastrology2000.com

2018 Aquarius:
You will look for more income sources this year. Name and fame will increase but you need to have some patience. It will take some time before things fall back into place. Some adjustments and compromises need to be made from your end too. New contacts made this year would benefit in the long run. Mood swings would be common in 2018 but don’t let them affect your mental peace and relationships. Career would be more progressive in the second half of the year. Some confusion may persist at the workplace and it will be hard to maintain rapport with colleagues this year. On the other hand, business opportunities from abroad would abound so be on the lookout. If you really want to make a mark in career matters this year, it would be nice to be diplomatic and polite. Expenses could shoot off from March to July.



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