How far are you willing to go to be beautiful?

| January 19, 2012

Staff writer - Nyasha Watson

I was recently intrigued by the title of a forum I saw being advertised: “Dying to be beautiful”. The word dying can be interpreted in two ways; the first being having a longing for something while the second is literally death. Therefore are you willing to risk death in order to be perceived as beautiful by society?


I am hoping that the answer that everyone will give is a resounding no. However, it is a fact that simple make up and clothing fashion are no longer the only items being put on to enhance one’s beauty? Plastic surgeries are fast becoming quite prevalent in the Caribbean.

And while they are relatively safe, it is a fact that in every surgery there are some risks involved. I am sure most persons would remember the sad incident of a few years ago where Kanye West’s mother passed away after undergoing plastic surgery. Also, the incidents of complications as a result of “beauty surgeries” are increasing.

Actor Singer Jamie Foxx hairline job photo credit

So why do we do it when we know that it has the potential to cause harm to us? And I am not only speaking about females, because males are increasing doing surgeries to increase their beauty or the size of their penises. Yes, the beauty of a man’s penis is now determined by its length!!

Seriously though, we are continually trying to reach a standard that we will never be able to accomplish. This is because the bar is continually being raised. I remember when the ideal was for one to be as skinny as possible; now they are saying that big bottoms is the new fashion.

So a person who is a slave of society’s standard would have starved herself in order to fulfill that standard, but now that the bar has been changed she will now go under the knife to put whatever in her bottom.

And this is precisely the problem because the standard is being changed on a regular basis; surgeries are now the only way for one to be with the “in crowd.”   I really hope they don’t change their minds and say that small penises are now fashionable because…

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