How NOT to prepare ‘Jamaican style’ rice & peas

| May 31, 2016

Rice and peas has long been associated with Caribbean cuisine inherited from the slave plantations of British, French, Portugese and Spanish colonialism. Jamaica has arguably turned this staple into an art form emulated throughout the Caribbean and exported globally.

Jerk Chicken with Rice - Caribbean Style. Photo courtesy

Jerk Chicken with Rice – Caribbean Style. Photo courtesy

The video below demonstrates the arrogance and presumption on the part of chef Marco Pierre White to present himself as an authority on Caribbean cuisine by putting out a video on ‘Jamaican style’ rice and peas (as he calls it) for the world’s consumption without proper research. As a matter of fact, it would appear from the ingredients and his preparation of the chicken that he has done absolutely NO research at all. For those interested in learning the authentic recipe for Jamaican rice and peas we have provided a second video below…Enjoy!

How to make ‘Jamaican Style’ rice and peas.

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