I Love You or Olive Juice

| February 16, 2012

The three little words that we all seek from our significant other are, I love you. These words when uttered when, where or how can be a cincher or a deal breaker for a relationship. In a relationship there is always the fear of who will be the first to say the words. This may be dreaded because whoever said it first will seem the one who is benefiting more in the relationship. That is to say, that he or she has traded up the status quo or has achieved in obtaining someone that is out of his or her league. In the worst case scenario, the much feared outcome of whether those words will be reciprocated once said.

Sadly, these words have been uttered by many that never meant the words or truly felt them but pronounced from the lips. I am sorry to say that men are the guiltiest of saying those words when caught in the throes of ecstasy. Appreciation for a great time is one thing but saying those words during a romp in the sack when you don’t mean them is oh so wrong. Also saying the three words to achieve intimacy with a woman is a no no. It is difficult to think that desperation would be so great to sink to that level.

To say or not to say - I Love You! Photo courtesy Toronto Sun

Ladies, you are not without fault on this one. Once you have said the words and there wasn’t reciprocation, kindly refrain from constant repetition to corner the subject in question to repeat the same three words to you. If he does, it will come at the right time and if it doesn’t then assess the relationship and communicate your concerns to ensure you are both on the same page.

As Valentine approaches, the consumerism pressure, the inner office competition between the ladies to see whose significant other’s gift delivered to the office for all to see. For all to judge whose other half outshines the others in sending the perfect gift making all others pale and flawed in comparison. Let us not forget that Love is a wonderful thing especially when it is true and real. The words I love you is a set of powerful words and not to be used and thrown around lightly. Love is the greatest gift and not just for couples, but family and friends.

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