Is being Jamaican a gimmick? Tessanne triumphs against odds

| December 15, 2013
Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe

Tessanne Chin remains a major contender on The Voice talent show after safely making it to the top eight.

Her top eight performance of No Doubt’s Underneath It All featuring Dancehall artiste Lady Saw had the studio audience and judges alike  going wild.

When Tessanne broke into the Lady Saw dancehall part of the performance, the audience seemed to love it even more, as they made even louder shouts of approval.

As for the judges, Christina Aguilera, who the previous week had suggested, that Tessanne show a little more of her Jamaican side and let her accent come out more in her performance; was very much pleased with the performance, saying that she finally heard what she was searching for.

Cee Lo Green, trying to be comical said that the performance made him feel “irie”.  Tessanne’s coach, Adam Levine added that the song was tailor made for Tessanne; and opened up about how difficult it has been to find a song to suit Tessanne in the competition as she is no regular contender.

The struggle with finding Tessanne the perfect song to perform comes from trying to find a song that is true to her roots that the American public will still be familiar with and able to appreciate.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Despite the unequivocal stamp of approval from the judges and live studio audience, Rolling Stone magazine was not pleased with Tessanne’s performance, stating that Adam was making a guinea pig out of Tessanne Chin with his experiments.

Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly were both seemingly concerned that Tessanne was playing up her Jamaican roots too much.  One even referred to it as a gimmick.

To that I say, how dare them.  Since when is being Jamaican or any other nationality for that matter a gimmick?  I mean, I understand if they are saying this is an American competition so she needs to play to the American audience and sing songs that most Americans can relate to.  But to disregard someone’s culture as mere gimmick, I find disrespectful.

The voting public, however did not agree with Rolling Stone or Entertainment Weekly as, Tesssanne was safely through to the top 6 after the results show.

Matthew, however who was lauded by one of the Magazines was not so lucky, as he was voted into the bottom 3 and had to be saved by tweets.

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