It’s A Wrap 6 – Featuring Zaaynab Le’Von

| December 10, 2011

WrapStar Ann Marie

I love to embellish with flowers, beads, headbands, and I dig all colors”. – Zaaynab Le’Von

She is Zaaynab Le’Von, poet, journalist, textile artist, WrapStar® and our newest feature!  Her journalistic pieces focus on mending the misconceptions of Islam. She also writes spoken word pieces and aspires to soon return to the stage to share her poems.

In countless instances worldwide, the art of head wrapping, like a treasured heirloom, is passed down from parent to child, elder to youth, or through peer to peer interactions. It represents an individual’s worldview as well as their personality and style. Zaaynab grew up seeing her mother wearing head wraps. Approximately ten years ago, after “maturing and learning the significance behind head wrapping” she began to follow in her mother’s footsteps.  She says “I continued to practice it and the art has been a slight obsession of mine ever since. When I found “Headwraps and WrapStars” I knew it was a group I should join”.

Zaaynab wears a combination style of head wrapping which incorporates traditional hijabi styles with the turban style.  She says “By coupling them I get full coverage for my hair and some volume while remaining modest and feminine”.   I suppose some of you are wondering what in the world is a hijabi syle?  Well WrapStars, I am happy to put your curious minds at ease.  (smiles) First, the term hijab refers to the modest covering of both the head and body worn in public by some Muslim women.  A hijabi is a woman that wears the hijab.   There are multiple styles of hijab head dresses, such as the Mandil, where the entire face is revealed; the Afghan Burqa which is a complete covering from head to toe, including the eyes covered with a mesh type of material;  the Niqab, leaves the area around the eyes revealed while covering the remainder of the face. I would like to note that there are also different versions of the Burqa and even more versions and names for the hijab head wraps.  If you are interested in seeing hijabi pictures, learning from hijabis themselves, or learning more about the head wraps in general, please visit “Headwraps and WrapStars” on Facebook.

I asked Zaaynab the most important question of this series of articles, and that is, why do you wrap your hair/head?  She says “I believe much of a woman’s femininity, beauty, power, and love is emitted through our crowns therefore they should be covered and shared with those closest to us. We’re amazing creatures and a covered woman is as a pearl in its shell – a protected beauty.” Zaaynab shows us how to effortlessly accessorize a head wrap, with adornments such as beads and jewelry, some of which she created herself. You can find some of her beautiful custom made creations at EYESEYE creations. Zaaynab plays with vibrant, beautiful colors to create her signature hijabi-turban styles.  As is evident from her photographs, she prefers to couple her head wraps with loose-fitting, long, flowing and colorful garments accentuated with flowers, tribal prints, and other bold prints.  She says “I love to embellish with flowers, beads, headbands, and I dig all colors”.

I asked Zaaynab about the challenges she may have faced in regard to wrapping her hair? She cites two “awkward” experiences; the first often occurs in office settings where she experiences awkwardness when applying or interviewing for a position.  The second occurs when a new employee arrives and notices that she (Zaaynab) is the only person in the entire office with a head wrap. For some reason, a head wrap sometimes makes others uncomfortable possibly because they are unsure how to approach WrapStars, they feel they are facing some new phenomenon and don’t know how to react or they quickly make assumptions about who we are. But, I encourage you to remember Zaaynab who says “I enjoy making a positive energy contribution to the universe”.   She says “once it’s understood that my reasons are spiritual/religious there is either no more awkwardness or more awkwardness”. Fairly unfazed by these experiences, Zaaynab says “either way I continue to wrap my hair.” Wrap on WrapStar!

Please join CaribDirect, Sandal Solé®’, and Headwraps & WrapStars as we congratulate this week’s feature, Zaaynab Le’Von!

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Wrap on WrapStars!

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