It’s A Wrap 13 – Featuring Zainab Jackson

| January 28, 2012

Wrap Star Ann-Marie Davy

People are usually curious why I wear it (head wrap) and I always provide them with an explanation even if they don’t agree with me at the end.”  ~Zainab Jackson

Beautiful, fashionable, and modest are just a few of the adjectives one can skillfully employ in an introduction of this week’s feature, Zainab Jackson, of Maryland, USA.  I could say Zainab is chic but that would be too obvious; saying she is a WrapStar is simply fitting.  This Hijabi WrapStar exudes so many of the characteristics that make an individual a WrapStar; she is proud, she is culturally aware, and she dons a head wrap with undeniable style and grace.   Yes, she is a WrapStar, but I am sure you would like to know a bit more about her.  Well, she is an artiste, who enjoys both painting and photography and aspires to own an art gallery.  Some of her beautiful artwork can be found on her fan page.  She also enjoys spending time with family and beautiful weather.

Alright, introduction is  complete; via a line of questions and answers we will discover more information about  Zainab and her style of head wrapping.

Ann-Marie:   Why do you wrap your hair/head?

Zainab: “I cover my hair and body because this is the Islamic dress code of modesty that I am required to have along with behavior.  The head cover (Hijab) serves as a protection and privacy from the opposite sex. I also wear it because I find it very comfortable and fashionable. For me personally, it also gives me confidence.” 

Can you, our readers, relate to Zainab’s sense of security and confidence from donning her hijabs?  Though I typically do not wear hijabs, I can definitely relate to gaining a level of security and confidence from my years of wearing head wraps. If you can relate, comment at the bottom and let us know.

As Zainab has mentioned, she wears the hijab, which we have discussed in past articles in this series, if you would like to know more about the hijab, I welcome you to check out those other articles or comment here and we can definitely discuss it.

Ann-Marie: How long have you been wearing head wraps and are you inspired by anything or anyone?

Zainab: “What inspires my head wrapping is the fact that head wraps have become a fashion statement. I find scarves in almost every store/boutique I go to. I also love colors and patterns and I like to wrap it in different ways to feel more excited about it and to show people that I can be modest, professional and fashionable at the same time.”

Very good point!  It is increasingly easier to find an array of patterns, textures, and colors of fabric with which to wrap one’s head.  It makes the task of finding a wrap for a professional environment and all other environments that much easier.  Furthermore, because there are so many vendors selling headwraps, the cost of finding a beautiful piece of fabric has decreased and the availability increased.

While Zainab does not prefer a particular type of garment to wear with her wraps, she does prefer to reveal her beautiful earrings.  She also likes to wear two pieces of fabric: one with patterns and the second one is usually plain.

It is wonderful to learn that Zainab has not faced many challenges due to her choice to wrap her hair.  She says: “I am blessed to have had mostly positive experiences and rarely come across challenges. But I know that by wearing the headwrap (hijab), people know that I am Muslim and that I am basically a representative of Muslim women so I have to behave in the most appropriate and respectful way possible. People are usually curious why I wear it and I always provide them with an explanation even if they don’t agree with me at the end.” 


Ms. Jackson, thank you for allowing CaribDirect,  Sandal Solé®’, and Headwraps & WrapStars  to feature you and share all that makes you a WrapStar!    Wrap on WrapStar!

Don’t forget to check Zainab’s fan page:




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