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| November 12, 2011

Wrap Star Ann-Marie Davey

“For me, wearing head wraps represents African Culture and it makes me proud”

Meet this week’s featured WrapStar, Mi’kaelah Baht Yisrael! This creative sistren is originally from Kingston, Jamaica but resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

She is a superb model of what it means to be elegant and beautiful while making her mark culturally   When asked about her inspiration, she passionately declares “I’ve risen in love with Africa, my culture, and our royal garments. I also have a “passion for fashion”.  Yes Mi’kaelah, your crowns are tangible evidence of that.

As these features continue, don’t be surprised if you find that WrapStars use a variety of terminology to describe their head wraps. For example, Mi’kaelah often refers to hers as crowns; other terms include turban, tie-head, head-piece and gele just to name a few. We will definitely introduce them to you as we go along.

Mi’Kaelah has enjoyed wearing scarves and wraps since the 1980s but definitely recalls wearing the Jamaican tie-head as a child.  Within the last decade she became enthralled with the beauty and cultural bond she feels with African garments and head wraps.

Inspired by African culture, moved by her heritage and concerned about her personal legacy, Mi’Kaelah predominantly wears head wraps and traditional African garments.

As Mi’Kaelah says “…while wearing head coverings and modest African garments, I get nuff respect from men”.  True ting Mi’Kaelah, I will attest to that as well.  She goes on to say that some men now greet her with “Shalom sistren” instead of whistles and other expressions.

Mi’Kaelah’s breathtaking and distinctive head wraps have both inspired and challenged me and other WrapStars to be more creative and culturally conscientious. I know you will be as well.

Thank you Mi’Kaelah for sharing your creative and cultural creations with the audience of and the world!

Wrap on WrapStars!


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