It’s A Wrap 22 – Featuring Mu’minah Qadar

| May 26, 2012

Wrap Star Presenter Ann-Marie Davy

“My plan is to continue finding creative ways of inspiring women to live our unique beauty, love our whole selves and honor our feminine gifts.”- Mu’minah Qadar

If you have been following these weekly features, you will have already noticed that WrapStars have a few attributes in common.  And I am not talking about the most obvious. (Smiles)

They personify pride and elegance; they are

dedication to that which they advocate; they exude a powerful concentration of self-assurance; and have an extraordinary sense of personal style.  All WrapStars wear their creativity on their heads as artistic folds, twists, and tucks of fabric adorned with anything from rope to jewelry.

That signature creativity is also coupled with knowledge of their heritage and in their personage; they know who they are.   Our featured WrapStar is a woman who is making waves and setting trends in the fashion industry as a WrapStar, a Muslim woman, a designer, model and much more.

Hijab styled by Nailah Lymus Photography by Richard Martin

Who is she?  Mu’minah Qadar is her name and she is a native of fashion capital New York City and resides New Jersey, USA.  I was so intrigued when I saw her pictures I could not wait to introduce her to you all! During our conversation, Mu’minah told me that the most constant thing about her is that she is always changing and evolving.  I believe that is the quality that makes her so interesting and the gift that makes her a true WrapStar.

She is already writing her legacy and had this to say about herself:
“I went to school for fashion merchandising, wanting to promote modest fashion in some form. Now I find myself as a model with the first international modeling agency representing Muslim women, UNDERWRAPS.

I am a legal assistant by day and an emerging singer-songwriter in my other time. I am also passionate about womanhood and femininity, and have authored and co-authored woman-centered blogs in the past and traveled to speak with women audiences about female hot topics. My plan is to continue finding creative ways of inspiring women to live our unique beauty, love our whole selves and honor our feminine gifts. I love cultural phenomena—music, art, words, images, books, fashion.”

Hijab styled by Nailah Lymus Photography by Richard Martin

Mu’minah was not required to wear headwraps as a child, but sites making a conscious decision to do so when she started college. And aren’t we glad did?!  She says “…I was eighteen ….it was a way to distinguish myself as a woman of faith. Because society knows Muslim  women cover their hair (as did Christian women and traditional Jewish women and conscientious women in general, of other spiritual paths). The “wrap” look in particular is also a way to pay homage to my African roots as an African American Muslim.”

Many WrapStars have that one particular, tried and true style of head wrapping that you most often turn to. It may be your favorite because it accentuates the features of your face; gives you that height and volume you desire; or because of what it represents.  Well, Mu’minah’s favorite style is the gele; a style she learned from her mother who worn it frequently.

She says; “one day I was feeling ethnic and tried it, and it became a fav style. In the summer time it’s really nice because it can be festive and also the fabric stays off you face, neck, etc. so it’s cooler.” HOT TIP
Alright, let’s get to the question and answer portion so we can truly unwrap Mu’minah (GASP). Do not despair, it is a figurative unwrapping, Mu’minah’s wraps are still artfully intact. (Smiles)

Ann-Marie: Mu’minah, thank you for being a member of our group “Headwraps

Hijab styled by Nailah Lymus Photography by Richard Martin

and WrapStars®, why did you decide to join the group?
Mu’minah:  “I’m big on inspiring images of holistic beauty. Women are perfect canvasses for sporting the values and core beliefs of a particular culture or sub culture, because we represent ourselves in visual-centered ways.

Headwraps and WrapStars® chronicles the striking imagery of sisters who love color, art, ethnicity, consciousness, culture, modesty, refinement and express their love for those things through the wearing of head wraps. In essence, it represents all those things, so it’s uplifting and beautiful to see.”

Hijab styled by Nailah Lymus Photography by Richard Martin

Ann-Marie: Are there any other head wrap muses in your life?  What inspires your looks?
Mu’minah: “Again, being Muslim, we have to learn multiple styles to keep our look diverse and creative. Truth be told, I’m not as creative as I’d like to be, but I’ve been becoming more so, as I model with UNDERWRAPS, I’m continuously inspired by founder and stylist—Nailah Lymus; she ALWAYS knows just what to do with a head scarf that will make it uniquely fitting, beautiful and its always so innovative.

So she has inspired my creativity, and just the confidence to experiment. Also, when it comes to fashion in general, I go day-by-day. I literally believe every day has a unique vibe and you have to allow that day to happen to feel how to specifically style yourself. Stay true to the moment. She smiles.

Ann-Marie: (Smiles) That is so true!  Ok, I know your favorite style is the gele, but I also know you for wearing all forms of amazing styles particularly while modeling. Are there any other styles that you are fond of?

Mu’minah: “Hmmm, I actually like materials that drape nicely, I like the square

scarf folded in half to make a triangle and then pinned in the back, with the scarf draping down your back or over the shoulders–that creates a very simple and clean look (people say it reminds them of the women from the Nation of Islam =)). But again, I only wear that with a scarf that drapes well (example shown below).  The Bun is probably my most frequent style because it’s easy and convenient.

Ann-Marie: “What challenges, if any, have you faced in regard to wrapping your hair? How do you handle or respond to challenges?

Mu’minah: “The challenges have mostly been technical ones, making sure the scarf is not a crutch and that the hair under the scarf is getting its proper love, nutrition, moisture, sunlight, etc. and that the material is not drying or that it’s not tied too tight where its stopping circulation or damaging your edges….mostly things like that.

I handle the challenges by being very conscious of them and not overdoing it, wearing loose styles, and when I’m home or around people I’m comfortable with or who know I’m Muslim (as opposed to being out and about traveling in unfamiliar places), I don’t wear it. And taking the necessary steps to maintain healthy, beautiful hair.

Mu’minah, it has been a pleasure exploring your personal WrapStar world.  We wish you best of luck and blessings on your journey.
Mu’minah concludes her interview with; “Thank you for inquiring, and for the wonderful group Headwraps and WrapStars, keep it going beautiful ladies! (Smiles)

To learn more about Mu’minah Qadar: (Being re-modeled)

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