Jamaica: Degree – the new High School Diploma?

| November 26, 2014
Staff Writer - Latoya Wakefield

Staff Writer – Latoya Wakefield

A group of 26 young people were awarded with a job that pays low 5 figures. 24 of those young people have degrees or in the process of getting a degree ranging from Education to Information Technology. 5 of these young professionals graduated from university 2 years ago and have not been able to acquire a job that pays AT LEAST WITHIN THE ,000 JMD region. 17 have been searching for a job that will aid with life’s expenses and for some paying off their students’ loans as well as leaving some change for saving.

Two on leave of absence because they can no longer afford to go to school and two still trying to work an 8-hour job while finishing school. The remaining two are well-seasoned in this field but not able to get a higher position because though they have the experience, they do not have the education to back that up.

Photo courtesy atlanta.cbslocal.com

Photo courtesy atlanta.cbslocal.com

That is what the future has come to. Young people who were so full with promise and hope of earning 6 figures or at least high 5’s once they got their degree now slapped by reality – the economy rough, getting a good paying job is not an entitlement for degree holders.A degree is no longer special. Whether you have it or not, you’ll still get the entry level job and probably stay at that level for the rest of your life – no upward mobility, no moving on up, just stagnation..still for a lifetime.

Nowadays, a degree is like a high school diploma. More and more employers are including degree as a requirement for a job BUT not willing to dish out degree salary. It’s a sad situation. The flip side is you’re no longer alone- you can have lunch with the cleaner and discuss Minty Allen.

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