Jamaica:David Neita Candidate for Mayor

| March 26, 2012

Dr Yana Johnson MBE

I am so proud of Mr Neita.  I can’t even remember when we met, but every time we have, I have witnessed his passion, enjoyed his poetry and deliverance and applaud his ability to communicate very effectively albeit with a Jamaican twang but with a vocabulary that flavours his thought in speech.

David is a Social Justice practitioner, celebrated as the people’s lawyer and the people’s poet due to his representation and empowerment through poetry, politics and public service.  Now he is running for Mayor of London.

In 2003 David brought the largest group action claim in the UK on behalf of thousands of South African asbestos miners who suffered under the apartheid regime.  He has represented many youngsters who were excluded from schools and is the last lawyer to represent Milton Hanson (deceased) the Nurse who confronted racism in the NHS.

Dave runs a project that employs poetry as a vehicle for expression for users and carers within the mental health services.  Dave has also recorded a spoken word CD ‘The Lie Centenary…the truth will set you free.

As a role model, Dave has always been sure to support school groups, young people and help those with a vision or passion to achieve their dreams.  Dave has demonstrated his compassion yet remained focused on his ability to reach and positively influence many others by achieving the best for himself, leading the way and setting the example for others.

At a recent empowering session at a school one young lady asked him, ‘Do you blow dry your hair’, Dave calmly explained that hair represents strength and unfolded a story of Samson being able to conquer anything.  He then explained that his humbleness to cut his hair when visiting is parents in Jamaica as a sign of respect, growing it back when he returned to the UK.

His Golden tone speaks of a history of our culture that has many cultures within it, but also the fruit of that combination of many skills and talents.  He carries a voice that will be heard, a voice of the people, a voice of Love.

Dave where did you grow up?

Sweet, sweet Jamaica.

Dave, when you see the youth; hear their cries, how does it make you feel?

Like I must do something special to celebrate their beauty and achievements and remind them of the amazing contribution they can and must make to society.

How did you celebrate Black History month?

Performing poetry, giving speeches and delivered workshops in the UK and abroad.

The journey is long but worthwhile, as you create a legacy how do you want to be remembered

Of no importance to me; just concerned with properly prosecuting my purpose.

What should we be celebrating in acknowledgement of who we are and what we have overcome?

Our collective and individual contributions, value and beauty.

What encouragement would you give to parents?

Make it your absolute duty to imbue in your children an unshakable belief in their God-given beauty and sense of great destiny and above all else a love of the Lord.

What is the thing most close to your heart outside of work?

All things close to me get absorbed into my work; in that way my work becomes my life and my passion.

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