Kelly Ro.: Fashion Icon Extraordinaire

| December 9, 2011

Staff writer Yasmin McPherson

Now I know for a fact that this is not just me. You have all been thinking it too…what you say? Oh, well just the fact that Kelly Rowland, seems to have undergone a massive transformation; from girl next door to hot tamale, practically overnight. Gone are the days where she once ad-libed from the comfort of Beyonce’s shadow. I know that Kelly was the favourite of many, way back when, when Destiny’s Child was together, but let’s face it; she was never REALLY established as a style icon. Though if I may be perfectly honest looking back on the days when they were the hottest girl group for miles around, their style choices were somewhat questionable. Very (we’ll lay blame with the stylists).

Now with her career as a solo artist in full swing and a highly coveted spot on X Factors judging panel, Miss Rowland and her style rating has sky rocketed, way outta here.  Her new material and more importantly the videos that accompany them (cough cough motivation), create a Kelly 1000x hotter than before.
She’s taken her weave long and luscious – that first episode of X Factor I couldn’t even focus on the auditions that weave was so glossy! – giving her a much more feminine look, in comparison to her short and textured style in the past.
She is able to take simple pieces styled with edgy accessories and give her outfit that wow factor (that make you look twice cause she a bad mamma-jamma style).

This delicate lace skater dress with a metallic belt and dark red shoe boots, bang on trend. Kelly does feminine with a twist oh so well (the boots make this outfit for me).

Now, if you’re balling on a budget have no fear. Fast fashion, catwalk

The lady herself...

copycats, the high street has our backs J

Trusty ASOS (which if you haven’t noticed by now is my answer to almost everything fashion) offer the perfect yet affordable and very worth it alternative; try this navy skater dress with lace skirt with dark nude platform ankle wedges from

A louder dress, calls for a more toned down heel. Love it!

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