Love Homework: What are your Relationship non-negotiables?

| March 5, 2012

Staff Writer Jade Gerald

So what does it mean when we talk of our relationship non-negotiables? These are the standards which you are willing (and not willing) to put up with when dating or in a relationship. Identifying  standards are a useful way of reminding  ourselves of our worth and never putting up with anything less.

I’ll give you an example, one of my top dating non-negotiables is that I will not continue to date a man who always expects me to call him and ask him how he is, knowing that he hardly ever does the same for me (it happens).

So what are yours? Think about 5 non-negotiables, write them down and never forget to remember them.


  1. ___________________________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________________________________________
  5. ___________________________________________________________________________


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