Magnum Kings and Queens: Authentically Jamaican

| February 14, 2014
Kerran Monroe. Jamaica Entertainment Correspondent

Kerran Monroe. Jamaica Entertainment Correspondent

Caribbean news. So anybody who knows me knows that Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall is my favourite Jamaican talent show.   I love the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall because of its authenticity to Jamaican popular culture.  It is a show that Jamaicans can feel good watching; as a representation of dancehall culture in a clean and wholesome way.

It is a show which focuses not only on vocal ability but also on lyrical potency, as well as the ability to perform and wow a hardcore dancehall audience.  Also I love the fact that they categorize males and females; so the males and females are going for two different titles.

Professor Nuts. Photo courtesy

Professor Nuts. Photo courtesy

The judges of the show are also another A grade factor for me.  Of course like most talent shows; there is usually one female judge and two males.  The Magnum judges, which include; radio personality Miss Kitty, dancehall selector Scatta and veteran dancehall artist Professor Nuts are the realest set of judges on a Jamaican talent show.  They speak in a mixture of Jamaican Creole, Jamaican English and Jamaican Slang.  This, I think adds to the realness of the show.  It makes the show relatable for many Jamaicans.

Miss Kitty is the “Keep it Real” diva, who just says it like it is.  She is never at a loss or words.  Love her or hate her, you just have to pay attention when she speaks.  Scatta is the swaggerific male judge who does not mince words either.  As a seasoned dancehall producer, he knows what he is looking for and it usually translates in his comments.  Professor Nuts, the man who has been there is the nicer of the three.  Of course every panel of judges needs a good cop.  Nuts is the good cop.  He is quirky and corny but that’s why we love him.

Then there is the resident DJ or as we say in dancehall, selector.  This, another dancehall element added to the mix just makes a perfect brew.  Also, let’s not forget about the Host and the Di Endz.

There are so many little things about this show that add up to eventually create this show that we have come to love.

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