Media Control- US versus Them

| July 14, 2011

In society media is used to educate, persuade, inform and sensitize the masses on various issues facing the society.  The media is also a tool used for socializing the masses and upcoming generations. Now that you have been informed through this forum what is the use of media in society, I ask the following question: Who controls the media?

Media, whether print, radio, television or internet is controlled by someone.  Media industries are controlled by private owners. These owners act as gatekeepers and may or may not allow information to be disseminated on to the masses. They control what the masses read, hear and watch in media forums. They put information that would highlight or further propagate their own interests.

The government also controls the media and as similar to the private owners, they would use the media to further propagate their political standpoints, conceal their failures and highlight their successes.

Are you a fanatic...?

In addition, the masses also control the media. Despite we are forced to take in the information that we are given, we also to some extent affect the

information choices of the individuals controlling the media industry. It’s called demand and supply. What we want they give us. The type of media we want to view on television, the type of media on the radio the types of information we want to see and read in the newspapers and magazines; we to a degree control what is placed for us to enjoy and to take part in.

However, this is my view and many may agree or criticize this view.

Therefore the question I put to you is: Who controls the media?

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