Merry Christmas from Grenada Prime Minister

| December 24, 2016

Warmest greetings to all those who share in the joy of the Christmas season.

Around the world, friends, families and communities come together at Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, in the spirit of the season.

Christmas is arguably the time of year when unity and love are most demonstrated. Whether it is volunteering time to help others, giving gifts to children in need, sharing a meal with the less fortunate among us, or opening our homes, the true spirit of Christmas is about connecting with our neighbours and our communities. It is also about giving thanks and demonstrating goodwill toward each other.

This Christmas, as I have done consistently through the years, I call on all Grenadians and friends of Grenada, whether at home or abroad, to continue to work together for the benefit of our beautiful country.

Dr. The Rt. Hon Keith Mitchell. Photo courtesy

Dr. The Rt. Hon Keith Mitchell. Photo courtesy

To those who have not yet embraced this expression of national unity, I ask you to reconsider during this holiday season, as we reflect on Jesus Christ’s love for all of us, His brothers and sisters.

Working together these past few years has brought this country tremendous benefits, and for that, I express heartfelt thanks to everyone.

With your help, sacrifices and prayers, we are winning the battle to restore our lovely Nation to economic sustainability; and by doing so, we are better able to provide opportunities for our citizens. As a government, we are proud of the small victories and we are happy that we can share in the benefits as they come, especially during this Holiday season.

We recognize that Government alone cannot create the country that we all would like to live in. We need many hands and committed hearts.

We need continued unity and oneness of purpose for the advancement of our blessed and beautiful country.

So, this season, as we gather with friends and families, let us reflect and strive to emulate some of the lessons of the Christmas story; whether it is being selfless, obedient and brave like Mary; trusting in God and staying committed like Joseph; faithful as the wise men or generous as the inn keeper.

Let us also strive to be united like that first family, through all the challenges and successes.

Let us demonstrate goodwill and love for each other, just as Jesus Christ taught us.

And in accordance with Paul’s message to the Philippians in chapter 4, verse 7: may “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you.

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